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Royal Heavy-Duty Spindle-Type
Live Centers

  • The Royal Heavy-Duty Spindle-Type Live Center is our most popular live center model. Its strong, universal design enables it to handle virtually all manual and CNC turning applications.
  • The Royal Heavy-Duty Spindle-Type Live Center is extremely accurate, with runout guaranteed to +/- 0.00005” TIR or better.
  • Bearing life is significantly extended with the exclusive Royal Roto-Shield coolant slinger and upgraded, long-life, spring-loaded seal that is resistant to abrasion, high temperatures, and virtually all metalworking fluids.
  • The Royal Heavy-Duty Spindle-Type Live Center incorporates a double-row angular contact bearing that provides high workpiece weight ratings for turning large, heavy parts.
  • A high-capacity thrust bearing enables this live center to handle extreme axial loads - one of the primary enemies of any live center.
  • The thick, rigid point of the Royal Heavy-Duty Spindle-Type Live Center extends into the center's shank where it is supported by a large needle bearing for increased strength and vibration dampening.
  • Both the point and body of this live center are hardened and ground for strength and extended operating life.

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