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Royal Spring-Type Live Centers

  • The Royal Spring-Type Live Center incorporates a unique, spring-loaded point that can slide axially to compensate for workpiece thermal expansion.
  • This live center is a great choice for use on machines with no tailstock because the spring-loaded mechanism eliminates the need for hydraulic compensation.
  • The low-profile head of the Royal Spring-Type Live Center provides outstanding tool clearance.
  • Royal Spring-Type Live Centers are guaranteed to +/- 0.0005" TIR or better.
  • Loads are handled by two precision needle roller bearings and a custom thrust bearing.
  • Multiple stacked springs provide enough force to ensure that the live center point remains seated in the workpiece center hole.
  • Royal Spring-Type Live Centers are available with standard and extended points.
  • Straight-shank models are available for use in lower turrents on multi-tasking machines.

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