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Royal CNC Expanding Mandrels

Royal's line of CNC Expanding Mandrels offers an off-the-shelf ID workholding system to fit a wide range of applications.

Our unique modular design covers a standard gripping range from 0.5" to 3.25", with specials available up to 25". Sleeves offer parallel expansion for maximum rigidity, and accuracy is guaranteed to +/- 0.0005" TIR. Mulitple mount styles and custom-machined drawtbue connectors ensure simple, turnkey mounting on both main and subspindle applications.

ID gripping is often overlooked as a workholding option, but in many situations it is the best choice:

  • A part's full length can be turned in a single operation, guaranteeing perfect concentricity of all OD features.
  • ID gripping offers an alternative to gripping on a finished surface, reducing the risk of part damage.
  • For many parts, the engagement-length of an internal bore can be greater than what is available for OD gripping, resulting in superior rigidity and torque transmission.
  • ID systems provide optimal tool clearnance, making them a great option for machines with live tooling.


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