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Royal Sensitive Drill Feeds

The Royal sensitive drill feed provides fingertip control when drilling very small holes on a drill press or milling machine. This tool bypasses the machine’s coarse quill feed, giving the operator better feel and control of the feed rate. Breakage of small diameter drills is greatly reduced and the tendency for drill “walking” is minimized.

The Royal sensitive drill feed has a 1/2" straight shank that can be gripped in a collet or toolholder, and a male J0 taper for mounting a drill chuck. A ball bearing isolates the knurled ring from the rotating spindle.

To operate the Royal sensitive drill feed, simply grasp the free-turning knurled ring and feed into the workpiece with gentle finger pressure. An internal spring enables the drill feed to retract when the ring is released. Total travel is 3/4".

Note: Drill chuck not included.
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